Forum categories based on user language

  • Hello guys!
    Did someone maybe wondering how to internationalize forum and serve different categories for users based on their language?
    User A has set up English language as a default and see category "General Discussion" with ID: 1
    user B has set up French language as a default and see category "Discussion générale" with ID: 2


    , if you change site language, you will see new boards specified for chosen language

    Is there any plugin fulfilling this idea? or can we talk about the nodebb core how to do that? 🙂

  • @Damian-Gądziak interesting idea. You might be able to do this with custom CSS to a point, but that's a hacky solution. Sounds like a good plugin idea.

  • Ok, as I can see simple CSS rules can do this job, maybe in the future we will build some plugin to support this feature

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