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  • Good morning,

    I'm looking for a way of banning a single user from one specific category.
    So far it looks like the permission system only has two states, allowed or undefined, but no forbidden.

    I tried different things:

    • Adding that user on the category permissions directly, removing everything except Find/Access, but then the permissions for registered-users kick in and allow writing again.
    • Adding a second group with that user to that category with limited permissions - see above, same problem
    • Same as previous option, but with removing that user from registered-users - works but...

    ... we have round about 150 categories, adding a new group to all of them is a lot of work. Also I'm not sure if removing a user from registered-users is a good idea.

    Is there a nicer way to reach my goal?

  • @Florian-Müller Unfortunately, privilege are additive, as you've discovered. This means if that troublesome user is in the registered users group, they can still access it.

    I'd recommend not removing them from that group 😄

  • @julian Do you see an easy/nice way how to solve this problem?

  • @Florian-Müller said in Ban single Users from Category:

    @julian Do you see an easy/nice way how to solve this problem?

    A not very practical way would be to create a group for each category. Unless you write a plugin or script to ease the pain of management it will be headache inducing.

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    @baris Great ! Many thanks ! Exactly what I needed and it works (of course... 😉 ).

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    Anyone knows if theres the possibility of registering an user link in the dropdown, that will be public only? Like the case for example of the "chat link", but registered vía filter:user.profileLinks hook.

    Since in that hook theres no user info, i cannot check if the user visualizing the page is the users itself that is visualizing his/her profile or if the user its logged in, to restrict the link registration.

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    Thanks again and sorry for modifying the thread question.

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