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  • Cookie Message Text

    Unsolved Technical Support
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    Is there any way to get either a line break to work in the below, or perhaps have it support HTML ?


    I have something of a long message there, and it'd be nice if it could be over multiple lines rather than just one

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    @Yann-Kronberg always 😁 let us know how you get on

  • Edit teaser text

    Technical Support
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    There's two things i want to do.

    Shorten the teaser text Pull out a specific link to use as a button

    I think i figured it out though using something like { "hook": "filter:topics.get", "method": "teaserContentShort" }

    var Theme = { teaserContentShort: function (data, callback) { data.topics.forEach(topic => { topic.teaser.contentShort = topic.teaser.content.slice(0,20); }); callback(null, data); } };

    It seems to work. Hopefully thats not using the wrong paradigm.

  • Center text

    Technical Support
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    One question, how can I center text?


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    @yariplus Great thanks for these insights.

    Actually I see two types of groups:

    Settings > Group (in our case these are Guests and Registered-user for example) Manage menu > Groups (in our case these are Ambassadors and Administrators for example)

    So when I manage the category I can only manage the first type of group but not the latter that interests me the most.

    For example, I wish I could have a private category for Ambassadors. As we have a group of over 100 volunteers and I'll have to add them manually already once to the second type of group, I wish I didn't have to repeat that process to add them to the private category.

    Is there a way to avoid that process?

    Also why are the two groups name similarly when they are two different things?