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  • I was having trouble deploying to Heroku but then I removed the "build" directory from my .gitignore file and everything worked perfectly.

    I even added it back on to the .gitignore for the next push and it was still working.

    I have some questions:
    A. Is this normal?
    B. Should I be worried about my app security wise?
    C. What happen?

    Also, when using mongodb (mongolab) there seems to be something wrong with the database. I am using a "username" which redis doesnt require.
    For all the deploys I have been running ./nodebb setup right before git push.

    I thought I would open a discussion since I spent the majority of last night trying to figure it out.

    FYI: I have it up and running at the moment without any issues.
    I have it working with a Amazon S3 bucket and redistogo.
    All emojis and fontawesome icons work.
    Themes and plugin installs work too.


  • @liberaltech Emoji's stopped working so I had to do a restart.

  • @liberaltech an alternative to removing the build directory from the .gitignore file is to add it directly like so:

    git add ./build

    Which will bypass the ignore file.

  • @PitaJ So the build file needs to be exposed?
    I was just a little confused to see it in .gitignore.
    Heroku kept throwing "crashed app" errors but I didn't want to remove it without knowing if it would cause a security issue. But then I decided to exhaust all of my options by removing it.

  • @liberaltech the build directory needs to be in your git repository, so it goes to your deployment. But we don't want the build directory in the NodeBB git repository because it's not source code. That's why it's in the .gitignore.

  • @PitaJ This sounds like it could potentially be problematic if it is left in the NodeBB repo .gitignore.

    I cloned it straight from the github repo, newbies could be wondering why their heroku build isn't working. This could be useful info for the tutorial if it isn't on it already.

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