How show header profile when I go in a particular url

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  • I want to show the header profile user :

    My purpose is create a new url like "" (this is an example) and when the user goes in this url the forum show him the header profile like in the image.

    In my library.js

    plugin.init = function(params, callback) {
    	var router = params.router,
    		hostMiddleware = params.middleware,
    		hostControllers = params.controllers;
    	router.get('/favourites',  hostMiddleware.buildHeader, controllers.renderFavourites);

    can I create header profile user with some method in "hostMiddleware" variable? Anyone can help me?

  • You can inspect the accounts/info controller to see what data is required in your new route.

    Off-hand, I believe the following are required:

  • @julian I change in the library this:

    router.get('/user/:userslug/favouri' hostMiddleware.buildHeader, controllers.renderFavourites);

    Now I need to create "controllers.renderFavourites" method to handle request so I do this

    var db = module.parent.parent.require('./database'),
    user = module.parent.parent.require('./user'),
    async = module.parent.parent.require('async'),
    helpers = module.parent.parent.require('./controllers/helpers'),
    accountHelpers = module.parent.parent.require('./controllers/accounts/helpers');
    var Controllers = {};
    Controllers.renderFavourites = function(req, res, callback) {
    	var userData;
    		function (next) {
    			accountHelpers.getUserDataByUserSlug(req.params.userslug, req.uid, next);
    		function (_userData, next) {
    			userData = _userData;
    			console.log("sotto 1");
    			if (!userData) {
    				return callback();
    				history: async.apply(user.getModerationHistory, userData.uid),
    				sessions: async.apply(user.auth.getSessions, userData.uid, req.sessionID),
    				usernames: async.apply(user.getHistory, 'user:' + userData.uid + ':usernames'),
    				emails: async.apply(user.getHistory, 'user:' + userData.uid + ':emails')
    			}, next);
    	], function (err, data) {
    		if (err) {
    			return callback(err);
    		userData.history = data.history;
    		userData.sessions = data.sessions;
    		userData.usernames = data.usernames;
    		userData.emails = data.emails;
    		userData.title = '[[pages:account/info]]';
    		userData.breadcrumbs = helpers.buildBreadcrumbs([{text: userData.username, url: '/user/' + userData.userslug}, {text: '[[user:account_info]]'}]);
    		res.render('account/info', userData);

    So for example suppose to create a user with slio like username and when this user goes at route /user/slio/favouri, the page that appears is


    Now With jquery I can modify the page according my intentions. @julian is the correct solution?

  • @julian and If I want to load not "account/info " but "account/favourites" ?

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