PDF attachments and Photo adding?

Technical Support
  • I am new to NodeBB.
    First of all, let me thank @Staff for creating such a wonderfully themed forum. Comparing to all other Forum scripts out there, NodeBB out performs them in visual display. As I have been keenly comparing nodebb with other new gen forum softwares, I feel nodebb is good for my purpose.

    1)I have a few questions though, is there any way users can upload pdfs, as attachments?
    2) Can I use images while writing main topic?
    3) How can I prevent spams in the foums?

  • @educator you can upload images to any post. You have so many options for that starting with local image hosting, using imgur plugin, amazon plugin etc.

    You can also activate attachments in the forum in the admin panel.

    For spam you have several plugins, for example akismet plugin.

  • @jarey The amount of good replies I get in this nodebb is great. Thank you.

    So, I am going with nodebb. Having a positive energy that people will help us in the long run

  • This post is deleted!

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