• I do get a pretty often 503 (This forum is temporarily unavailable due to excessive load. We shouldn't be down for long. Please check back shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience!) message when visiting my nodebb althought that there are no more than 5users online.

    Any tips welcome!

  • 503 usually means that whatever you use to proxy nodebb can't reach it, so it probably crashed. Check your nodebb logs when it happens and post the output here.

  • FreeBSD/OpenBSD

    Which operating system are you using ? I had the same message using FreeBSD for no logical reason and I had to disable this functionality.

  • Running on Debian Jessie behind nginx. However there is no log that might be connected to the 503 in nginx or nodebb log....

  • Community Rep

    @tomashora I have about the same amount of load, and those errors were pretty rare for me, but you can try setting the loop lag threshold higher (for me 90 seems to be doing the trick) in Settings > Advanced

  • I have the same issue, nothing relevant in the logs... I don't know what to do to fix it 😞 Any help? (I'm running on v1.9.0 but the problem existed before the upgrade)

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