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  • Over at mangolass.it (managed by @scottalanmiller) we have long had problems with search just completely sucking.

    Has anyone ever looked into the feasibility of adding the ability to have tags on individual posts and not just on topics?

  • @JaredBusch what search plugin are you using?

  • ML uses DB Search. We switched to Solr long ago, but everyone had the same complaints and it didn't fix anything. When Solr totally died on us we went back to DB Search and while it has been terrible, it was better than Solr was. Is there another option that we should consider?

  • Tags on posts could be pretty useful, I agree.

  • @scottalanmiller said in Tags for posts in addition to topics:

    Tags on posts could be pretty useful, I agree.

    With the way some topics change course midstream tags on post would be awesome over there.

  • Oh yes , please post based tags!

  • Bumping this topic! 🙂

    This would be a super useful feature for us who use NodeBB forum for storytelling purposes. In our forum, each topic is almost like a diary, and each post of those topics can be about totally different subjects. Tags to posts would make following different story lines so much easier for our readers.

    We recently moved from phpbb3 to NodeBB, and post-based tags is literally the only feature I miss about our old forum. I really hope this feature will be added to NodeBB.

  • I think overall this is a great idea... We, as well, can utilize this kind of function...

    Just to add a little bit more, and expand the perspective... I believe nodebb tagging system should be updated to include hashtags as well...

    I think @Andrea-Dragotta made this plugin:

    It replaces tags system in NodeBB, and does search with the hashtag. I think it would be great if NodeBB adopts modern hashtag tags where hashtags can be written anywhere in the text and turn blue, and can be searched as tags.

  • @crazycells Hehe you're not actually that far off the mark.

    I think it would be great if NodeBB adopts modern hashtag tags where hashtags can be written anywhere in the text and turn blue, and can be searched as tags.

    One of our clients, Walton's Meatgistics forum sponsored exactly this plugin:

    It does say it's a "premium" plugin, but that is actually not the case. It's an open plugin now 😄

  • @julian No, no, no!! Hashtags are for IRC channels! Always have been. On the 'net, anyways.... 😜

    I have thought about the tagging thing on and off a few times over the course of using NodeBB. At first I missed the absence of tagging individual posts. Figuring that the NodeBB crew were smarter than the average bears, I figured they must have some reason or another figured for omitting such. Alas, the only thing I could figure was "tag pollution". Kind of like too many chefs spoil the broth kind of deal, too many tags, and perhaps ensuing gamification thereof by those desperate for attention/upvotes could result in them becoming essentially useless. Herding cats, entropy always increases, etc. Substitute whatever analogy floats yer' boats.

    Forums excel at promoting long running, in depth conversations. Too many distractions are deriguer for the "ADD Generation". Hence, while I can see how hashtags would be an asset for something like Twitter, I wonder about posts wh/actually contain some meat, rather than just a bunch of "me too's" pointing to various other "me too's". Hmm...

    So we should ask ourselves; "What purpose do tags actually serve? What itch do they scratch?". I think not many, actually, other than one: A quick substitute for lame and/or non existent search functionality. Maybe another side benefit for the lazy would be that tags are amenable to "clickery" driven UI's. This revelation then begs the question of how many new things we might invent to solve "problems" supposedly already solved by other previously invented "solutions". And maybe, just maybe, rather than proliferating yet another new thang... we should focus on improving the original thang that was supposed to solve these issues: Search that works? And what would that look like?

    Hmm... just a bit of thought food here for inquiring minds.... 🤔

    P.S.; Not meaning to disparage anyone's efforts here but rather stimulate further discussion.

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