I recently have updated Nodebb to 1.12.2 and this plugin to ver 0.3.1. I did put the Telegram Token and the room Id but I don't receive new topics nor reply to the Telegram group.

I have tried this from the server:

curl -X POST "https://api.telegram.org/botMyToken/sendMessage" -d "chat_id=-My_Chat_id&text=testing"

This works fine. Furthermore, if I talk to the bot it reply nothing and If I put a command, I get this message:

UserID not found.. Put your TelegramID again in the telegram settings of the forum. :(

I was able to get my TelegramID by checking bot's status in:


It still gives me the "Uid not found" message furthermore I don't receive notifications like upvotes and so on.

I have two questions:

Why it is not sending messages to the group? Why the bot is answering with an error message instead of my TelegramID. This is important since forum users should be able to configure it in a esay way.


EDIT: I noticed that if I enter the TelegramID into a user, when I create a new topic or reply to an existing topic, Nodebb restats with this error message:

2019-08-26T18:03:52.827Z [4567/14717] - error: uncaughtException: forumURL is not defined ReferenceError: forumURL is not defined at /server/nodebb/node_modules/nodebb-plugin-telegram-notifications/library.js:380:55 [...] Otherwise if I interact with a user without TelegramID, Nodebb doesn't restart. If I uninstall nodebb-plugin-telegram, all users works fine.